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Build it slow, make it last

We are on a mission to deliver the most comfortable, high-end tennis/sneaker sock. We have picked for you the best and the finest: Egyptian cotton from the Giza area, and the expertise of Portuguese manufacturers, the go-to artisans used by most of Europe’s major fashion houses (a well-kept secret).

Your pairs of ERWANS are designed to be the perfect feet companions, whether you are playing tennis, running, skateboarding, working from home, or going out in style. 

At ERWANS, we take time to do things properly, to enjoy the process step by step, and we strive to create inexhaustible, sophisticated products. We keep faith in the lows and savor the highs of it all. Our philosophy is “Build it slow, make it last”. 

It might take a while before we get it exactly right, but the process has started. We are very thankful for you to be a part of our journey, early on. 

Our metaphorical door will always be open for you, at